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Rest in Peace Trooper, We miss you Buddy!

Trooper with his blanky (Jan 12)

Trooper with his blanky (Jan 12)

It’s been three weeks since I said farewell to Trooper. I miss him dearly.

How Trooper came to be in our lives…

We had just lost Max, our 12 year old Golden Retriever, and Dames for Danes (the Great Dane Rescue we support) needed to find Trooper a forever home. He was abused pretty bad by his humans in Georgia and needed some special care so that he could trust again.

We met Trooper on September 2nd 2011 and it was love at first sight. Although we were a bit concerned with how he would interact with Cooper (our other Great Dane at the time) we immediately scooped him up and welcomed him with open arms to our family and home. It was a perfect fit, we needed some comfort because of losing Max and Trooper needed a loving home that would show him that all humans are not bad.

Trooper in the car after getting checkup on his cherry eye (Jan 12)

Trooper in the car after getting checkup on his cherry eye (Jan 12)

If you were to have ever met Trooper you knew immediately that he was an old soul. There was just this feeling you got when you were around him that everything was going to be OK. While his size was a bit intimidating he never used that fact to intimidate others. He truly wanted to be your friend and would lean into you and let you know that he wasn’t a threat.

Trooper and Cooper became known as the “oopers” and life was great for both dogs. They enjoyed each other and we enjoyed them in our lives.

Over the 7 years that Trooper was in our lives he made friends everywhere he went. From walks in the park to Brusters Ice Cream to playing at the dog park everyone knew when Trooper was there and instantly gravitated to him like some type of magnet. It was strange in a way but we accepted that Trooper had that special gift of bringing people together.

When Trooper was about 5 or 6 we lost Cooper and shortly after almost lost Trooper due to bloat (we think it was the stress of losing Cooper). After his life saving surgery (which gave him 3 more years with us) he was a bit slower but still the same great dog.

Trooper looking for squirrels (July 13)

Trooper looking for squirrels (July 13)

After bloating Trooper slowed down quite a bit. He slept more and was even more easy going than he was before the surgery. He started getting grey pretty quickly too but was always up for a walk or for some tug-o-war.

I grew very close to Trooper over the years. Although he never answered back when I would tell him about my day he would look back at me with his big brown eyes and I knew everything was going to be alright.

I knew it was Trooper’s time to go when I got back from picking up my grandchildren from Colorado. He was swaying from side to side, dragging his feet more than in the previous weeks and he was confined to the basement because steps were no longer an option.

On his last day Trooper enjoyed a filet mignon wrapped in bacon and a frosty paw, his favorite ice cream. We played a bit in the yard (as much as we could) and of course took many pictures. While the day was extremely sad we knew it was our time to say so long to our friend and that his pain would soon be over. We said our goodbyes as he took his last breath and then our time with him was over.

My last pic with Trooper (June 18)

My last pic with Trooper (June 18)

While I know that Trooper is gone forever in physical form I hope that some day we meet again.

I love and miss you dearly Trooper!

Thank you so much for sharing your time with us, you certainly changed my life for the better and I greatly appreciate it.