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Rest in Peace J. Geils

The J. Geils Band 12th album (Love Stinks) was the first album that I ever listened to, complete with crackling and popping.

J. Geils - Love Stinks

J. Geils – Love Stinks

I remember listening to Love Stinks over and over until my father would come home from work and then of course I would pretend to be doing my homework (it was his album). By the time I listened to it in ’82 or ’83 the album was 2/3 years old already but I didn’t care one bit, I just jammed to it with my air guitar.

My favorite songs were:

  • Just Can’t Wait
  • Come Back
  • No Anchovies, Please
  • And of course Love Stinks

Ya know to this day I don’t think my father realizes that I listened to all of his albums (Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Harry Chapin, and everything in between).

Anyway…. Thank you Mr. Geils and your band. You started me down that rock and roll path.

By the way, if ya get a minute take a listen, it’s a great album (click the album cover above).

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