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The Music of Foreigner

Me & the Mrs @ Foreigner

Me & the Mrs @ Foreigner

I’ve been to many shows in my life but seeing Foreigner just never materialized until I received an email from one of the plethora of ticket vendors I subscribe to (Live Nation, TicketMaster, Etc…).

The stage was set for U.S. Cellular Center in Asheville North Carolina on February 22, 2017 so I bought tickets for me and the Mrs.

Seeing Foreigner in Concert was going to be a great addition to my 30+ year ticket stub collection, or so I thought.

Our adventure started with a two hour drive from Knoxville on some seriously winding roads through The Smokey Mountains. Rain showers did not help but we ended up making great time.

Upon arriving we circled the downtown streets of Asheville looking for a parking spot. It was as if we were sharks circling our prey when we settled for the lot across the street from the venue. Hell it was only $5 to park in the old church parking lot (down from $10) so I was stoked.

We needed some fuel to continue our adventure so we went looking for an affordable restaurant. No such luck because eating healthy is not affordable. We settled for BurgerFi and Mmmmm it hit the spot + the Mrs was able to get something vegan and gluten free which is her “thing” currently.

We’re in our seats and awaiting the show to begin. The Mrs seemed fairly excited too, even though she’s not a concert nut, unlike myself.

Finally the lights went low and the stage lit up – Yea Foreigner!

To be honest I can’t remember the first song they played because I was stunned that Mick Jones, the only remaining founding member of the band, was not present.

I thought maybe he was waiting for his “Q” to come out, but he never materialized.

I was thoroughly disappointed that after my 30 year wait, Mick Jones was not there. What a complete bummer.

They did however play all of my favorites including Hot Blooded, Dirty White Boy, Juke Box Hero, Urgent, Cold as Ice, Double Vision and Blue Morning, Blue Day. Of course the Mrs was pleased too because she got to hear a couple of “slow dance” songs (I Want To Know What Love Is, Waiting for A Girl Like You).

Ok so yes I was bummed out, but to be honest with you Kelly Hansen belted out the lyrics for all of the songs like nobody’s business. I honestly think he sings better than Lou Gramm (the original singer). The rest of the band did a great job too. Without Mick Jones though, it was “The Music of Foreigner” not “Foreigner in Concert” like I was lead to believe when I bought the tickets.

Overall the Mrs and I had a great adventure and of course I’ll still include this ticket stub with my others but I really wanted to see Mick Jones play.

Oh well maybe the band will see this blog post and invite me and the Mrs to a real Foreigner Concert and perhaps I’ll even get to meet Mick himself 🙂

P.S. We found the damn car keys…